When we women huddle, we are woven tapestry threads
We share of broken hearts and dreams, of cold sheets and empty beds..
Yes! The fire of being loved to distraction, is awesome!
But sometimes it’s not the same satisfaction,as girding your feminine loins into action,
to help your sisters to learn that attraction, can manifest into hate and destruction..
To not put the “stronger sex” on a pedestal, the halo may fall, and you find he’s detestable,
You turn all the guilt on yourself, (Never questionable)..
And he walks away with a sneer and a smile, to the next victim to seduce and beguile,
Why do we blame ourselves when the vile, leave us in pieces. It’s not his style!

Yes this rhyme is waxing lyrical, But don’t think I am bitter, twisted or cynical,
It’s just that my time’s better spent being radical, to help change the dormant
to know that your miracle, is happening right now! Grasp the pinnacle!
It’s yours for the taking, and only your making can make it reality, trust your
uniqueness and individuality, to make a difference in our world or locality!
It doesn’t matter if it’s huge or small, just try not to act or not bother at all..
This poem is meant to inspire and enthral!
That’s why this blog is here! On this wall!

A powerful and stirring piece written by poet Susan Giles one of our Ambassadors here at SPW HQ.
We would love to hear you review of this poem. Does it ring true to you? Do you find it controversial?