This post was inspired by Southend Passionate Womens Ambassador Susie Rickenberg. For her it serves a tool to EMPOWER her to stay in the NOW, as right this moment in time that’s what we have.

I think it is something that we can all resonate with. Some of us spend too long reminiscing about a past that seemed so good, or longing for an outcome that never was. We also live in such a frantically paced world that we are constantly projecting to where we should be, the meeting in half and hour, the house we want in five years, the promotion we are working towards, the dinner that has to be made. We increasingly find it hard to be in the present. Hopefully you can use this in the same way as Susie as a reminder to be gracious of where we are i this very moment, because that is the only thing that will carry us forward, and hopefully allow us those moments to look back without any regret.