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E.D.E.N. Inaugural conference 23Mar14

What will £25 get you?

  • One hour with a personal trainer
  • Dinner for two
  • Nothing at a decent hair salon…..That’s Zero…..Zilch……Nada!

What about a whole day dedicated to YOU?  A whole day dedicated to your life, your goals, your ambitions, your hopes & your dreams. How much would you pay for that?  A lot more than £25 right?

This applies to you if

You feel tied, suffocated or stuck in a rut.

You sometimes think: “Is this it? Is this all my life will ever be?”

You have settled. Given up trying. What’s the point? This is just how your life is meant to be, right? WRONG

Time is passing so fast, you know you’re never going to realise your dreams and so, you’ve got to the stage where you’re just going to accept that….DON’T

How can you change that?

Easy, come along and listen to our inspiring speakers. Women just like you that have changed their lives for the better. Women that have struggled and overcome, making a success of their lives against the odds.

Come along and join in our workshops. Learn powerful techniques that will help empower you for the rest of your life.

Come along and meet our Ambassadors. They come from all walks of life and have amazing history between them. Among them are entrepreneurs, authors, artists, dancers and actors. Many of them have lived and worked abroad and many of them have triumphed over adversity.  They are adventurous and passionate and they will be there for you on the day, offering guidance, support and advice.

Are you smart enough to invest £25 for all that? Or would you prefer to spend it on a dinner for two that will be gone in the morning?

Be smart. Be selfish. Take this wonderful opportunity to get a ticket now, and secure your place on a day that will change your life for the better.

Don’t let your dreams die. You can still make them come true. Let us help you rekindle that fire and get your passion for life roaring again. In all honesty, the question should really be…..

Can you afford NOT to invest £25 in yourself?

Even better, get your friends together and buy 5 tickets for a group discount!!  Buy your tickets all together through Paypal, at the full price, show us the receipt on the day and we will refund you £5 each….There, that’s lunch taken care of 🙂

Extended Early Bird offer – By replying to this ad, there’s still time to get the discount!  Buy Now Button