Be greater than our suffering


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JuliaI love this quote – I feel it will resonate with all of us women.

Have a great day. X

Julia – SPW Ambassador


Strive to be Happy


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I thought I would start my Sunday with a few words from Max Ehrmann – It’s one of my favourite pieces of prose and I particularly like being a child of the universe. I’ve combined it with a photo from last summer, at home in Turkey – Hope you enjoy.

Haver a great Sunday and don’t forget….strive to be happy 🙂  Kym X


Finding your passion is like shopping for shoes!


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‘… You need to go out and try them in order to see whether it fits you or not.’

After I read this sentence on the blog where Vered Neta, a trainer, coach and author shares her wisdom and encourages business women to fulfil their greatest potential, I thought ‘How true and simple!’ …

Shoe shoppingFinding the right pair of shoes that fits you so well can be a very enjoyable experience. A mission perhaps. But it can also turn into a haunting chore, a nightmare almost! You may know exactly what you want and find your dream pair straight away. But what if you don’t? Will you keep on looking? Will you sit down and try again?

If you are still struggling with finding your passion, Vered has shared the 7 reasons why you didn’t find your passion. So now when you know, get out there, have fun and try what you would love to be doing!

But …  ‘Hang on a minute! Trying shoes on is not only fun but it’s free … it does not really work for finding my passion. Paying for all the activities I would like to try may cost me a fortune!’ Well, not anymore … ever heard of skill swap?

Let your imagination go wild and swap any of your skills that you are master of to learn something new … and for free! So what is it? Drumming, oil painting or public speaking … ?

drumming We are very lucky here in Southend! We have a local swap scheme run by a few enthusiastic community members. We are joining them at the next meeting on the 21st Jan 2014 at Growing Together, so we will be back soon to share with you about this group, their experiences and plans for 2014!

Finding your passion is like shopping for shoes! It may take you to a store but you may end up in a park with a colouring book!

Want to change the World? Start with your blessing jar and permaculture!



Blessing Jar - Stella Blessing Jar - Hayley

Gratitude and inspiration keep us going when we desire to change the world around us. Blessing Jar Mania is spreading in Southend. Have you made your blessing jar yet? What do you call it? I call mine ‘The Magic Jar’.

Don’t you love it when inspiration and recycling come together? Be inspired to learn about the permaculture from our Westcliff resident and author Graham Burnett.


3 great things that inspired me in his creative book:

1. everything cycles – all your outputs but also your waste, can be someone else’s resource
2. ‘weeds’ or volunteers … some ‘useful weeds’ and their nurturing leads to mutual benefits… this applies not only to plants, but also to the whole word – human beings, organisations. The list goes on.
3. use minimum effort for maximum effect & turn problems into solutions

Grab a signed copy of your guide and learn more with Spiralseed.

Inspiration for Blessing Jar – The Blessings Jar: A Story About Being Thankful and the Swim Shed.

Thank you Stella and Hayley for your blessing jar pictures!


We love, we care. We act, we dare!


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What’s a passionate woman like?… and how strongly do you resonate with her description? We asked our ladies .. when we were creating our vision boards back in December.

14  We love, we care. We act, we dare

Love what you do  *  Kind  * Exciting adventures


A passionate women is one who cares

Excited about her passion * Joyful about her passion

Assertive and strong

Open to new ideas

Exciting * Courageous * Caring * Daring

It is coming to all of us. We are opening up. We will blossom. Love to all.

She is a visionary!

Loving * Caring * Understanding

Someone who is passionate about something they believe in!

A passionate women is in touch with her femininity and comfortable with her masculinity!

When was the last time you felt REALLY passionate about something?

How did it make you feel?

Passion does not happen to you. You create and live your passion.

You create the PASSIONATE WOMAN you would love to BE!

What's a passionate women like2

Thank you (all) ladies who came to our vision board workshop, Jill and Steve!

New Year 2014 – No resolutions!


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For a few days I was looking for a picture and an inspirational quote which I could share here with you. A quote that would really resonate with how we often feel about NY resolutions! A quote that would just make you get up & go, get up & do what feels good, right, meaningful. A quote that would encourage you to do it with passion! A quote that would make you remove the words ‘I should do more of, I must get on with …’ and replace them with ‘I love doing … Today I am doing more of …. Now I enjoy being … ‘.

So, after a few days of browsing, I found it! And I found it very close …

No resolutions for me

Photo: A tree in Chalkwell Park, Westcliff on Sea on a misty morning

Thank you Kym Ciftci for your inspiration!


Thank you 2013!

I don’t know how about you but I enjoy spending the last days of every year reflecting on it before I welcome the new year. While reflecting on 2013, I came to the realization how very grateful I am for the events that happened and the people that inspired me. Southend Passionate Women project has turned out to be a life changing experience for me and I would love to thank everyone who is involved.

Slide1“Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity… it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

~ Melody Beattie


Are you trying to swim on a tree?

Hand on your heart and ask yourself:

‘How often do you feel like a giraffe or zebra trying to climb a tree?

Slide1You may not know where the right place for you is straight away, but you can start today by doing what feels natural to you … just like a fish. Start swimming. You will soon find your river, your lake or your ocean.

“Passion is the genesis of genius.”
~ Galileo Galilei